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  • Simple Elegance Template - Black and White

    Simply elegance web design template in black and white featuring a gorgeous glass chandelier.

    What's Included With Template

    All html code and images you see on the template.

    Complete Installation of the images and code to your website as long as you host with our site or one of the compatible hosting companies.

    Matching Advertising Link Exchange Banner/s as shown on template.

    What's Not Included With Template

    Changes to template - changes can be made but additional charges may be added.

    Hosting of your website, shopping cart or domain name registration.

    Maintenance of your site - you are responsible for adding your text content as well as product images, descriptions, etc.

    What Your Need

    You will need to register your domain name with our site or with any domain name registrar site, i.e. goddady.com, etc.

    You will need to sign up for hosting for your site.  We would love to have you host your site with us but you may also host your site with any of the compatible hosting companies we recommend.

    NOTE: If you choose to host your site somewhere other then Shabby Lane Shops Hosting or one of the recommended hosting companies which offers compatible software then we will send you the images after they have been customized with your information and you or someone you designate or someone at your hosting company will be responsible for adapting and uploading the template and any code creation needed.  We do not offer any support for other hosting companies that do not have compatible software.

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